Hoy hoy, you've found the composition notebook I keep under my mattress. I mean my fanfiction archive. Anyways, they're sorted by source and obviously marked. Stories with gross kissing stuff are also clearly marked.

Everything is roughly worksafe.

For now.

Harlock Stories
Christmas for Two in the Sea of Stars
Following his meltdown during the last battle with the Deathshadow, Harlock still can't wind back down. Tochiro helps in what, to him, seems like the best way: Drink, cozy nostalgia, music, and being a general distraction.
(SSX timeline, post episode 10)
(Tochiro/Harlock but VERY MINOR)

Black Jack Stories
untitled ( contains kissing)
A request from a desperate mother-to-be brings Black Jack to her family's ski lodge on a snow-smothered mountain in America. Eleanor Makube claims to have found his information among the personal effects of her late husband, who she married without any knowledge of his criminal dealings. When a freak storm isolates everyone on the mountain from civilization and unexplained symptoms spread among the guests, Black Jack quickly learns he can't rely on Eleanor's tightly tied family to cooperate with him. When he succumbs to the sickness, he suddenly finds himself relying on the only other doctor present to protect the guests and get Eleanor to a hospital for a safe delivery. If she'll allow them.